Friday, August 5, 2022

Arthur Kretchmer's Aug. 5, 1965 `Village Voice' Review of 1965 Newport Folk Festival Revisited


In a review of the July 1965 Newport Folk Festival that appeared in the August 5, 1965 issue of the Greenwich Village, NYC-based Village Voice weekly newspaper, titled "Newport: It's All Right, Ma, I'm Only Playin' R & R," Arthur Kretchmer indicated some of the historical reasons Bob Dylan apparently became less popular with some of his early 1960s U.S. folk music fans after 1965:

"Sunday night Bob Dylan was booed for linking rhythm and blues to the paranoid nightmares of his vision...

"Musically, the festival was obtuse and disappointing. Of five official concerts only one (Sunday afternoon) was satisfying, and that was mostly because of the brilliance of Mimi and Dick Farina and some other young singers.

"...Dylan is a man afraid and obsessed. He surrounds himself with people...

"Bob Dylan is out of control. He never had it and never will. Like a mogul he surrounds himself with flunkies who feed him lines and laugh when he repeats them...He is not Guthrie...On the way back from Newport Dylan's `Like a Rolling Stone' was on the radio. (He had been booed for it at Sunday night's concert)..."

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